Best Black Hair Dye That is Affordable and Amazing

“Should I make my hair black or not?”

Is this a question you always ask yourself? If you ever doubt this idea, well let me tell you that it is going to be the best thing you will ever do to your hair.

Dyeing your hair black will make your face look more radiant and glowing than it has ever been. It will define your eyes and give your face a very soft contour. No wonder why a lot of Hollywood stars and famous models like Kendal Jenner proudly graces their black hair color.

So are you ready to jump into darker hair bandwagon too? Well, you can only do that by getting the best black hair dye available in the market. In this article, I will be sharing with you the top five of the highly recommended hair dyes as well as some tips on how to choose one that will suit you best.

Are you excited? Then let’s keep the ball rolling.

Things You Should Consider When Buying Hair Dye

Determining what is best black hair dye that will work best for you involves a lot of factors to consider. So before we get through our list of amazing black hair dye products, let’s take a look first of these factors.

1. Color – How Black is Black.

I know you are thinking and wondering right now, “I’m choosing a black hair dye, then why should I be considering the color?”

Well, you need to remember that there are various shades of black, it can be true cool jet black or it can be a little warmer with a bit of brown shade. So how do you know which one suit you best? You need to check your skin tone.

  • Light skin tone. Dark neutral tones that border on the dark brown side will complement your skin color. Avoid getting too black colors as it will only wash you out and highlight your skin’s red pigments if there is any. No one pulls off this dark hue with her light skin tone like Katy Perry too.
  • Medium skin tone. Dark brown shades that are almost black look best on you. I suggest you stay away from any reddish-black color as it will only bring out too much yellow in your complexion. Take a good look at Megan Fox, Katie Holmes and Demi Moore’s lustrous black hair for some celebrity inspiration.
  • Dark skin tone. Fortunately for you, it would be so easy to pull off black hair color as well as super dark and bold brown. Just avoid anything that comes in blue-back tone though since it will be bringing out too much olive in your skin and may even give your skin a green hue. For some inspiration, of course, no dark skin women can do it better than The Kardashians.

2. Your current hair color.

Your existing hair color will likely affect how black hair color after being dyed. Check out suggestions below to guide you.

  • Blond hair. If your hair is more of a pale shade of bland, it will require a black dye with heavy coverage formula, like the ones being used to cover gray hair. Fortunately, you will no longer need to bleach your hair.
  • Red hair. If your hair is on the reddish side, opt for a black dye that comes in a permanent or semi-permanent formula. This will help you tone down the copper tones that may be visible after coloring using a dye with no ammonia or peroxide. The long-lasting the formula is, the better since brassiness is a factor after a few weeks of showering.
  • Brunette hair. I suggest you steer away from any permanent dye as this may be too harsh for such a small change in color. Your best bet would be products that come in a low-ammonia formula. Hair dyes with no peroxide formula will also be washed out too soon or it may seem as if your hair did not go through any changes at all.

3. Ingredients of the product.

You need to check the ingredients being used in the product to make sure it is of good quality. Choose products that come with ingredients that are nourishing to your hair and make your hair healthier and shinier. You can even choose ones that are completely natural. If possible, stay away from hair dye with ammonia. The dangerous effect of ammonia has already been proven to make your hair dry, brittle and unhealthy looking.

I also recommend that you opt for hair dye that comes with special conditioner or other products that you can continue using after the coloring process.

4. How easy it is to apply

The easier it is for the hair dye to be applied, the better; especially if this is going to be your first time dyeing your hair at home. Make sure the product’s package comes with easy-to-follow instructions.

I also suggest that you opt for hair dyes that come with tools that help you get the dye onto your hair such as brush and bowl.

Five of the Best Black Hair Dye Available

Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Crème Black

This permanent black hair dye comes with nourishing ingredients to make sure your hair will have rich, radiant color that is shinier and silkier. Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Crème features ampoule of grape seed oil that does not only color your hair but also nourish it at the same time. And this doesn’t end there, you can use its after-color conditioner to triple nourish your hair; the conditioner has been added with shea oils, olive, and avocado.

I’m sure you will like how your hair fibers will be taken care of by deeply absorbing the fruit oil concentrate. The entire process makes it certain that you are thoroughly nourishing your hair and conditioning it so you will take the color better and hold it longer. And of course, the thick consistency of this product makes it very easy to apply precisely. If you are just a beginner, you will enjoy the bottle application that comes with this hair dye kit.


  • Its ingredients are nourishing enough
  • It has a great scent
  • Will even make your hair shiny


  • You may need at least two boxes.
  • You need to leave it on your hair for longer period of time just to cover stubborn grey hairs

Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Hair Color Black

What I like about Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Hair Color is that it comes with an intense shine and glossy hair color that without a doubt make your hair stunning. It will also give your hair a natural-looking color that most women would really appreciate and if you have some grey hair, the color will be lighter but evenly spread. This is because Clairol combined multiple ones into every color they produce, so you will achieve a shade that is three-dimensional and more natural-looking compared to a single tone.

Furthermore, this product has been formulated to last for about eight weeks, with no fading or touch-ups at all, this is so much more compared to what other brands offer. When it comes to its application, you can do it in a breeze with its tip applicator that is easy to use.


  • Has a good coverage to cover grey hair
  • Looks very natural
  • Easy to apply
  • Can last long without any touch-ups


  • If you have already damaged hair, then this formula may be too harsh for you especially that it doesn’t come with any extra nourishing ingredients.

L’oreal Paris Excellence Crème

When it comes to the best black hair dye available in the market, the list would never be complete without L’oreal Paris Excellence Crème. They have established their brand since 1973 through their Gold Standard with the goal to deliver extraordinary shine and luminous hair color that last for a long time.

So if you want to create a natural hair color at home, you will never go wrong with L’oreal Paris Excellence Crème. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the pre-conditioner as well as the after conditioner that the kit comes along with to make sure you will have shinier and softer hair after finishing the whole coloring process.

L’oreal Paris is true to their word since this hair dye’s color will not fade even the following weeks. It will not be washed out even with daily use of shampoo. Though there may be few changes in its tone, it will not be noticeable. You don’t need to stress yourself of having your natural color back. Furthermore, your hair will be moisturized and resistant to damage after; you will not see any dryness or frizz at all. The application is also so simple.

However, the only downside is its strong scent that can be very overpowering. I suggest you keep your windows open when using this dye.


  • Comes with pre-conditioners and final conditioner
  • Has a good coverage to cover grey hair
  • Color does not wash out quickly after application


  • Comes with a very strong scent

Vidal Sassoon Salonist Hair Colour

Vidal Sassoon Salonist Hair Colour helps you to color like a colorist and achieve seamlessly blended hair color. All you have to do is to simply follow the package’s two-step coloring system and you will be able to quickly master beautiful black hair that is full of depth and tone as it is done in salons. Instructions on how to maintain the quality of your hair color for up to eight weeks are also included in the package.

When it comes to its grey coverage, it is very satisfactory making it as if you just added some highlights at the same time. Though after few weeks some of the greys will lighten, you don’t have to worry since the color won’t totally go away; you might not even actually notice it.


  • Works great in giving depth to your hair color
  • Can last up to eight weeks
  • Will not irritate your scalp


  • The entire process can be time-consuming
  • Doesn’t have a good coverage in coloring the grey hair
  • Might make your hair dry and frizzy

Arctic Fox 100% Vegan Transylvania Semi-Permanent Color Hair Dye

Though last on the list, you should not underestimate Arctic Fox 100% Vegan Transylvania Semi-Permanent Color Hair Dye since it has been one of the most popular vegan alternatives to traditional hair dyes. What is great about this product is that its ingredients don’t include any harsh chemicals or animal by-products. I like how nice its fruit scent is and how it does not cause any harm to your hair compared to other stronger chemical products. What’s even more? They donate 15% of their profits to help animals.

Even if this hair dye is only a semi-permanent color, it will last about six weeks before it begins to fade. However, the color may fade into undesirable tones after some time; you will need to retouch it every month or so to stop this from happening.


  • No harsh chemicals were used
  • It smells so great


  • Color quickly fades over frequent washing

Final Thought

Finally, we are done going through the pros and cons of each product, now it is time for us to choose the best black hair dye among the five hair treatment mentioned above. Honestly, I find it hard to choose which one is the best since each of them has its own beautiful features.

But after considering various factors, I’ve decided to go for Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Crème Black as the real winner. I like how it can give your hair the flattering black color you always desire at the same time nourish your hair.

I’m not saying that the other four hair products are not good, I just have to pick the best one and for me, this was it. How about you? Have you used any of the products above? How was your experience with it? Let me know in the comment section below.

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