6 Best Twin Mattresses for Adults in 2019

We are sure that you are reading this article in other to choose a mattress for your visitor who is coming over for a holiday. Although there are thousands of beds in the market today, twin mattresses are the ideal one for guestrooms and kids’ bedrooms.

Apart from the fact that you would be able to install them in smaller places, you can also easily convert them to bunk beds when the need arises. With an increasingly wide variety of twin mattresses available in the market, you might find it challenging chosen the right one for you.

Hence, this article has been written to help you with the top 6 twin mattresses for adults that you would love to have. In this article also, you will find the pros and cons of each product with a detailed review buying guide.

Signature Sleep Mattress, 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

When it comes to brands that produce cozy and comfortable beds of different kinds, Signature Sleep is one of the best. This company has been producing all kinds of sleepers with mattresses that allow them to enjoy their sleep and also helps to relieve pains.

This product from Signature Sleep is our recommendation has the best twin mattress for adult sleepers. It is a Memoir 12-inch mattress that contains a 4” top layer of comfortable Memoir foam alongside with 8 inches of high-density foam that gives the body natural shape for a cozy night rest.

Also, this mattress helps to distribute shape to all part of the body equally and at the same time also helps to relieve pressure from the body. A lot of complaints has been made about the odor that this unit produces. Thus, it is essential to know that this mattress should be left out for 72 hours in other for it to expand and get rid of any kind of smell. This product has been tested, trusted and certifies by CertiPUR-US.

Besides, this the mattress comes along with a soft cover made of breathable knit fabric although the cover can not be removed.

Signature Sleep Mattress, 8 Inch Coil Mattress

This product is another unique mattress from Signature Sleep. It is a contour 8 independently encased coil mattress. This unit is a safe one for all ages as it is made with low VOC. Likewise, it is made with materials which are free of heavy metals, ozone depleters, mercury, formaldehyde, lead, flame retardants, TDCPP, PBDEs and other harmful substances.

The first of those outstanding qualities that you would love about this unit is a 7-inch layer of 15 gauge independently encased coils. These coils contain a layer of high-density foam at the top and bottom which provides users with convenient and comfortable night rest.

Furthermore, this mattress features a soft, breathable knit fabric mattress cover that is versatile and can be used with different beds such as trundle beds, daybeds, platform beds, box spring beds, bunk beds, and spring beds. It has been tested, trusted and certified by CertiPuR-US for its high-level of performances.

Aside from the comfort and coziness that you would enjoy from this product,  it would also help you to distribute weight equally to all parts of your body. Also, it would help you relieve all pressure points and pains in your body. It comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

LINENSPA 6 Inch Innerspring Mattress

If you are in search of a twin mattress that is cheap and gives your family maximum safety, then this is what you are looking for. This mattress is made heavy-gauge tempered steel coils that make it firm and thereby preventing it from moving around while sleeping on it. Also, its firmness provides all sleepers with the support needed while asleep.

It has a quilted fabric cover and foam layers that help you enjoy a convenient and cozy night rest.  Meanwhile, it has fire resistant barriers that meet flammability standards, thereby keeping you and your family safe from fire outbreak while sleeping.

That is not all. LINENSPA 6 Inch Innerspring twin mattress is a versatile bed that fits perfectly all kinds of mattresses such as bunk beds, day beds, trundle beds, spring beds and others.

Whenever you order for this unit, it would be shipped down to you compressed and rolled, therefore, allowing you to set it up easily. Moreover, it does not produce bad odors, unlike other mattresses, and it expands daily with a few hours after opening the shipped package.

Another feature that you would love about this bed is that it comes with a 10-year warranty against manufacturer defects; therefore, assuring you that it is going to last for years.

Perfect Cloud Basics 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

We have made this product one of the best twin mattresses you would love to purchase not only because it has earned a quite number of reviews and ratings on Amazon but also has unique features that make it all sleepers choice. It comes in a slight expensive rate, which means a user should be ready to spend a lot purchasing it.

Unlike other twin mattresses, this unit features a 1” cooling gel memory foam which allows you to enjoy a night rest under cool temperature. It is a medium-firm product making it an ideal one for sleepers who love to move around while on the bed. Similarly, it is a hypoallergenic mattress, and it can be used by patients suffering from allergen without my fear.

It is a CertiPUR-US certified product and has a stretch knit cover that can be expanded to any length. On warranty, you would definitely give a 5-star rating to this bed. It comes with a 10-year warranty and also with a 30-day trial. You can, therefore, return if you do not get a 100% satisfaction from this unit within 30 days. It gives the body construction contours and natural body shape and at the same time, help to alleviate pain and pressure.

Arctic Dreams 10” Cooling Gel Mattress

Although Dreamfoam Bedding is a new brand in the bed industry, it has produced a quite number of mattress and other bedding materials with a high level of performances and efficiency. This product from Dreamfoam Bedding is a 10” cooling gel mattress with quick response gel infused memory foam.

This mattress features 2.5 inches of fast response Energex gel memory foam on top of 7.5 inches of convoluted high-density polyurethane foam and covered with 7.5 inches of a soft quilting layer.

It comes with a 10-year warranty, and it is essential to know that this unit should be left outside for about 24 hours after purchasing it so it can dissipate the odor and expand fully.

Casper Sleep Foam Mattress

If you are in search of an expensive twin mattress that provides you with comfortable and cozy night rest, then this is what you are looking for. It is a 4-layer memory foam construction that supports you and helps you to enjoy a breathable and bouncy night rest.

It has hypoallergenic materials, which makes it an ideal one for patients suffering from allergens and other infections. Unlike other twin mattresses, Casper Sleep foam mattress expands within a minute after shipping and does not produce bad smells.

Besides, it comes with a 100-night trial and a free return if the product is not 100% satisfying within 100 days of purchasing it with a receipt of shipment.